My name is Sarah Khalil. I was born February 3rd, 1994 in Brooklyn, New York and I am currently living in Beirut, Lebanon as of 2006, so it’s really not news or anything. And it’s actually a bit more like on the outskirts of Beirut, but most people actually living in Lebanon have never heard of Dohat el Hoss, so I doubt you will have.  I attend the American University of Beirut as an undergraduate studying English Literature, which believe you me was not an easy decision to undertake. The literature part, I mean. I’ll get to that on the blog eventually.

Though I am an American citizen as well as being Lebanese on my father’s side and Trinidadian on my mother’s side, I’ve had one hell of an identity crisis throughout the years. I thought it would just sort of go away after a few years, but that hasn’t happened, so I’ve decided to do a write-up of my life in the hopes of piecing together my experiences and coming out as a whole person. So the blog will be a mixture of that autobiography and other blog-worthy things.

On a less philosophical note, I am an avid fan of BBC Sherlock to the point that the people who actually introduced me to it have gotten sick of me. I also like Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Firefly, Fullmetal Alchemist (the 2003 anime series) and quite a few other things that’ll pop up every now and then. My hobbies include reading, writing poetry, baking dairy- and egg-free goodies for my brother who has allergies, proofreading and panicking about how I don’t read enough.

About the title of my blog, if you don’t know already, it’s simply the first sentence from a very long sequence of commonly used filler text. It has its own Wikipedia page and everything. I think it fits because I’ve never been good at titles and the title of my blog doesn’t matter all that much to me, although it probably should.

I really do hope you enjoy reading!

All the best,



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